SUPER!NATURAL energy drink off to the Chelsea Flower Show

chelsea flower show


SUPER!NATURAL were delighted to be asked to support SAFAS (Scottish Association of Flower Arrangement Society) with their amazing Chelsea Flower Show 2013 adventure.

Ann Allan, one of the 9 members of the team off to Chelsea told  us, “We’ve been told that our energy levels will be exhausted by the end of every day exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show and that we will need something to keep us going. I happened to read about SUPER!NATURAL in The Scotland on Sunday and thought that a natural energy drink would be just what we needed. After a quick trip to Hammerton Stores in Aberdeen I bought some SUPER!NATURAL for the team to try out. We were very pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted – not at all what we were expecting from an energy drink – and its made from natural ingredients. Just perfect for the busy team.”

The team of 9 Scottish Flower Arrangers which arrived at the Chelsea Flower Show today will be staging a very large exhibit – 20 foot square and 16 foot tall!. They have 5 days to build up the exhibit and then the stand will be manned from 8am til 8pm for 5 days. Lets hope that SUPER!NATURAL energy drinks can keep them going through their busy schedule. Good luck girls!!

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