Magic Beans? – Green Coffee Beans.

SUPER!NATURAL energy drink contains green coffee beans

“An actual magical bean?”

“New exciting weight loss properties of Green Coffee Bean Extract”,

Do green coffee beans really have the magical miracle properties that are popularly claimed for them?

As SUPER!NATURAL energy drink contains coffee from green coffee beans we decided to take a closer look into the phenomenon that is the green coffee bean.

So what exactly are Green coffee beans?

Coffea is a flowering shrub, native of southern Africa and tropical Asia. The fruit called a cherry, contains two seeds or beans. Usually these Green coffee beans are harvested and then roasted to give the rich brown coffee bean colour, flavour and aroma with which we are so familiar. However, there are many uses for the unroasted raw green bean one of which is as a source of natural caffeine for beverages such as SUPER!NATURAL energy drink.

 Most recently Green Coffee Bean Extract has hit the headlines as having spectacular weight loss properties. So much so that earlier this year Americas favourite medic, Dr Mehmet Oz, conducted his own experiment on “The Dr Oz Show” to look at the weight loss claims of the Green Coffee Bean. The results of the experiment were amazing. For 2 weeks 50 people took the Green Coffee Bean Extract and 50 others took a placebo. Both groups kept a food diary but were instructed to eat what they normally ate.  At the end of the 2 week period the placebo group lost a total of 42lbs (19kg) (thought to be due to the effects of keeping a food diary) but the Green Coffee Bean Extract group lost a staggering 82lbs (37kg). Dr Oz is convinced but more studies need to be carried out before this author truely believes that her excess weight can be shifted using a magic bean!

So miracle weight loss properties or not, it’s up to you to decide!


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