An Interview with Jack Proctor

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Remember how we said you’d be seeing more of Jack and his dog Fudge? Well Jack, who is also a SUPER!NATURAL artist, posted a very clever video of Fudge doing his Ice Bucket Challenge, or so we thought! Shortly after, his video went viral and since then, Jack and Fudge have been featured in blogs and news articles galore!

Natalie, our student, hired Jack to come up with some cartoons for SUPER!NATURAL during their summer holidays from Edinburgh Napier University and today is the day you get to see his work!

Hi Jack, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hi Nat, I’m a final year Design and Digital Arts student and Edinburgh Napier University. I am a keen art enthusiast, and I enjoy drawing traditionally and digitally whenever possible. I hope to some day work in a field which allows me to develop my abilities in this area. I am also the agent of a slightly famous diva dog.

That leads me onto my next question! You obviously have a bit of experience with interviews now with the attention you’ve had recently. Want to tell us what it is you’ve been up to this summer?

I think like most of my classmates, I’ve had a busy summer. It was a tough end of semester for us all last term with the heavy workload, so I think most us put all of our other personal/work projects on hold. So, I used the summer break to catch up on those things. I got around to doing a few websites which I had promised to do, designed some window decals, and did thee digital art commissions. 

Prior to the end of last term, I attended a portfolio review with a representative from a successful design company, he advised that as a student, I should try and do at least one personal project which attracts positive attention, and samples my ability. So I also started a project (which is still ongoing) involving photo manipulation, which I try to make fun and appealing. 

However, perhaps the two biggest surprises of the summer for me were 1) having a video go viral online and in press, which featured myself and my dog in a comedy routine, and 2) being asked by Supernatural to supply digital illustrations for its advertising campaigns. I was very pleased the attention that my video received, as I got praise for the effects used. My dog however was the real star, and now he is impossible to live with, it has turned him into a total diva.

I was thrilled to be asked by Supernatural to provide some artwork, it is fast becoming a real contender in the energy drinks market, and offers something none of the others do. So I am excited to be a small part of it. It was also really fun designing a Supernatural Superhero, I’m a major geek, so it was the perfect assignment for me.

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You referred to the SUPER!CAN cartoon you designed. What can you tell us about the bar/bathroom scene you designed also?

(laughs) That was a fun piece, but perhaps one of the most challenging I have done. It was my first time doing a split room perspective, and I really struggled to make it look believable, but I think I got there in the end. 

Also, I’m colourblind, so I tend to try and draw in an exaggerated way that allows me to use lots of layers to shade, mid tone, and highlight, as I see solid layers much better than I see gradients, but I knew it was really important to make the Super!Natural component of the drawing colourfully recognisable, so I had to simplify the design in a way that used a minimal dark/dull vs bright/vibrant. 

It was a style of drawing that I am not used to, but when it began to take shape I really started to enjoy it, and the theme I was given was controversial without really being offensive, which I thought was very clever.

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So It’s September and we’re back to Uni next week. Have you got any more suprises up your sleeve before we head back?

(laughs) Well I was planning on just taking it easy for a week, but the fame has gone to Fudge’s head and he’s demanding that another video or two be done. A charity has asked to do a little video for them, so I’ll try and get that done before I go back, because I’m sure it’ll be all systems go from day one of Uni.

Exciting! Looking forward to be back though? In uni I mean!

Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting back into the Uni routine…. and SAAS, looking forward to SAAS.

(laughs) Yes me too! See you next week then Jack!

See you next week Nat

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